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Race Redguard
Gender Male
Level PCx1.2 (5-50)
Class Alik'r Warrior
Faction Alik'r
Rank Leader
Ref ID 00041856
Base ID 00021601

Kematu is a Redguard Alik'r warrior and bounty hunter.


Kematu is the leader of the Alik'r search party, and is present during the quest In My Time of Need.


In My Time of NeedEdit

Kematu searches for Saadia, hoping to bring her back to Hammerfell where she will stand trial for treason.

During the quest, the Dragonborn can decide to either help him capture Saadia or help Saadia by killing the Alik'r warriors. Kematu can be found in Swindler's Den with a few other Alik'r warriors. He dual-wields Scimitars.


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