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I've finally found some work here in Wrothgar. It's not glamorous, but it pays well enough. My boss is a beast-master they call "Nikolovara the Durzog Trainer." Quite a mouthful, eh? She's a strange one, I don't mind telling you. Touched I think. But she's a damn fine animal handler. Honestly, I think she likes them better than she likes people.

Like I said, the pay's decent, but it's no autumn fair. These beasts are some of the meanest I've seen. Durzogs are like Old Man Gamet's hound, except twice as big and three times as dangerous. Just the other day, I saw a man lose his hand to one of them. Snapped it right off like pulling an apple from a tree. But don't worry, I'll be extra careful.

I'll send you some gold soon. Keep a close eye on Gilda and don't forget to feed the chickens.

Your loving brother,