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"My family came here centuries ago. We've made a good living smithing the silver that flows through the city."


Kerah is a Redguard jewelry merchant found in Markarth. She is the wife of Endon and the mother of Adara.


Tailing the ThiefEdit

If the Dragonborn steals anything from her, she may send Hired Thugs to teach him/her a lesson.

Calcelmo's RingEdit

She gives the unmarked and miscellaneous quest Deliver the Ring to Calcemo.


  • "Are you looking for a gift for a friend, perhaps? Or... a lover?"
  • "Perhaps a silver necklace or a silver ring? Easy to wear and soft against the skin."
  • "I have a necklace that would look lovely on you, or on a... special someone."
  • "My daughter Adara is going to be a fine silversmith when she's older."


Kerah "What am I supposed to do? Never leave the house? You want that, Endon?"
Endon "You're closing the stall, and that's final."
Kerah "You want to give up now? Out of fear? Is that what we're teaching our daughter?"
Adara "Mama, why are you and papa fighting?"
Endon "We're not fighting, we're just...Why don't I get you something to eat? Mam and papa will talk later."

Endon "How are the necklaces selling, my wife? We could make more."
Kerah "I'm afraid the necklaces aren't selling well. Customers aren't interested in medallions and engraved symbols of other provinces."
Endon "Hmph. Used to be everyone in Markarth wore a necklace showing his home province, from Elsweyr, to High Rock, to Hammerfell and Cyrodiil..."
Kerah "We don't take travelers from Hammerfell or High Rock anymore, Endon. Only natives from Markarth and Skyrim."
Endon "As they always have, along with those crazed Forsworn. They've driven off the color that used to make this city great.
Kerah "I need to get back to the customers. We'll talk more of this when I get home tonight."


  • The Dragonborn can overhear a conversation between her and Hroki stating that she sells a special jewelry worn by nobles in Hammerfell.
  • Though she is married to Endon, she appears to have no idea that he deals with the Thieves Guild.


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