The Kettle is a item commonly found in households and near cooking spits. Kettles may have other items inside of them, and items can be placed in them by the Dragonborn. They can have different colors, mostly black or grey, often with a tinge of blue or green on the lower part.

Kettles can be found in different sizes, ranging from tiny to very large, but all weigh the same and have the same value. Kettles of different sizes or colors all stack together in the inventory, but retain their individual size and coloration when dropped.



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  •  PC   360   PS3   A kettle can be put over the heads of people and items may be stolen without them noticing.
  •  360   PS3   The kettle can easily kill the Dragonborn. By jumping in an open-faced kettle, it will start moving erratically, causing damage. This also appears to happen with carts as well by jumping on top of them. This is a good, albeit laborious, way to level Restoration.