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The following is a list of all keys that can be found in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Name Location Opens ItemID
Erich the Unworthy's Key Erich the Unworthy Opens his door in Thirsk key_erich
Key to Gustav's chest Kolfinna Gustav's Chest in Kolfinna's Dwelling key_gustav_chest
Key to Gyldenhul Given by Thormoor Gray-Wave as a reward upon completion of the quest "The Cursed Captain" Gyldenhul Barrow key_gyldenhul
A Glowing Key Mortrag Glacier Mystical Ring at the end of the Outer Ring key_hircine1
A Glowing Key Tharsten Heart-Fang Mystical Ring at the end of the inner Ring key_hircine2
A Glowing Key Hircine's aspect Mystical Gate and glacier exit key_hircine3
Lassnr's Well Key Given by Lassnr during the quest "Tymvaul in the Well" Locked well in Skaal Village key_Lassnr_well
Maren House Key Given by Falco Galenus during the quest "To Catch a Thief" Uryn Maren's House, and a chest inside key_maryn
Nuncius' key Antonius Nuncius His closet in the Fort Frostmoth armory key_nuncius
Nuncius' key Fort Frostmoth armory Antonius Nuncius' desk key_nuncius2
Pirate Captain's Key Himmelhost Barrow Pirate's Chest behind Valbrandr Barrow key_pirate