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The following is a list of all keys found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.

Name Location Opens ItemID
Ahjazda's Key Ahjazda Things Found 0007321B
Amiable Fanriene's Key Amiable Fanriene Amiable Fanriene's House in Bliss 00073218
Beelei's Key Beelei Beelei's House in Deepwallow 00074C45
Big Head's Key Big Head Big Head's House in Bliss 00073219
Brithaur's Key Brithaur Brithaur's House in Crucible 00073220
Bruscus Dannus' Key Bruscus Dannus Bruscus Dannus' House in Highcross 00074D23
Caldana Monrius' Key Caldana Monrius Caldana Monirus' House in Crucible 00073223
Ciirta's Key Ciirta Chest in The Howling Halls 0006D12A
Cindanwe's Key Cindanwe Cindanwe's House in Fellmoor 00074D15
Common Treasures' Key Tilse Areleth Common Treasures 00089639
Cutter's Key Cutter Cutter's Weapons 00073221
Cylarne Key Given to the Hero by Vika during the quest The Cold Flame of Agnon Cylarne 00018DC8
Duelist's Key Caldana Monrius, Mirel, Ma'zaddha, Muurine, and Ushnar gro-Shadborgob A chest and a box on the roof of Sickly Bernice's Taphouse 000975F2
Dulphumph gro-Urgash's Key Dulphumph gro-Urgash Dulphumph gro-Urgash's House in Deepwallow 00074E84
Dumag gro-Bonk's Key Dumag gro-Bonk The Missing Pauldron 0007321E
Earil's Key Earil Earil's Mysteries 00073227
Ebrocca Descenia Key On a table in the crematorium in Ebrocca A door in Ebrocca, Descenia 00080587
Ebrocca Sepechra Key In a hidden chest behind a wall in Ebrocca, Masse Door connecting Ebrocca, Masse and Ebrocca, Sepechra 0005A7B0
Erver Devani's Key Erver Devani Erver Devani's House in Deepwallow 00074DC5
Halion's Key Halion Halion's House in Hale xx020a43
Hirrus Clutumnus' Key Hirrus Clutumnus Hirrus Clutumnus House in Crucible xx018451
Horkvir Bear-Arm's Key Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia) Horkvir Bear-Arm's House in Split 00089633
Horkvir Bear-Arm's Key Horkvir Bear-Arm (Mania) Horkvir Bear-Arm's House in Split 00089634
Hound's Tooth Key Found randomly in containers throughout The Shivering Isles N/A 00081E63
Hound's Tooth Key Museum of Oddities after being given to Una Armina N/A 00081E64
House Dementia Key Given to the Hero by Kithlan during the quest Ritual of Dementia Doors to Dementia Dutchess' Quarters and Garden in New Sheoth Palace 00017237
House Mania Key Thadon, Gundlar, and Wide-Eye Door to the Duke's Quarters in New Sheoth Palace 00056096
Howling Chamber Key Luminary Kaz, Ra'kheran, and the Apostles in The Howling Halls Door in the Antechamber of The Howling Halls 0006D162
Jastira's Key Jastira Nanus (Dementia) Jastira Nanus' House in Split 00089637
Jastira's Key Jastira Nanus (Mania) Jastira Nanus' House in Split 00089638
Jzidzo's Key Atrabhi (Dementia) Jzidzo's House in Split 00089630
Jzidzo's Key Atrabhi (Mania) N/A 00089630
Key to Dementia The Gatekeeper The door to the Sivering Isles from The Fringe 000120FC
Key to Mania The Gatekeeper The door to the Sivering Isles from The Fringe 000120FB
Key to Sanctum and Gardens Given to the Hero by Relmyna Verenim during the quest Rebuilding the Gatekeeper Gardens of Flesh and Bone, and the exterior door to the Sanctum of Vivisection in Xaselm 0001B068
Kiliban's Key Kiliban Nyrandil N/A 000432B8
Kishashi's Key Kishashi Kishashi's House in Fellmoor 00074E59
Ma'zaddha's Cupboard Key On Ma'zhaddha's body during the quest The Lady of Paranoia A cupboard in Ma'zaddha's House 00081366
Ma'zaddha's Key Ma'zaddha Ma'zaddha's House 0007321D
Nanette Don's Key Nanette Don, N/A 00074E61
Orinthal's Key Orinthal Orinthal's House in Bliss
Relan's Key Relan Relan's House in Fellmoor 000749E0
Rendil Drarara's Key Rendil Drarara Rendil Drarara's House in Bliss 00081E0D
Runs In Circles' Key Runs-In-Circles Runs In Circles' House in Highcross 00074DF0
Shard of Order Carried by Priests of Order in the quest The Roots of Madness Containers and doors in The Fountainhead 00019DA7
Sontaire's Key Sontaire Books of Bliss 0007321F
Sunken Urn Key On a table on the roof of Cutter's Weapons The Sunken Urn found behind Sickly Bernice's Taphouse 0008E9E8
Tall Trees Falling's Key Tall-Trees-Falling Tall Trees Falling's House in Hale 00074E82
Thaedil's Key Thaedil Thaedil's House in Bliss 00073226
Tove the Unrestful's Key Tove the Unrestful Tove the Unrestful's House in Bliss 0007321C
Una Armina's Key Una Armina Museum of Oddities 00073225
Urul gro-Agamph's Key Urul gro-Agamph (Dementia) Urul gro-Agamph's House in Split 0008963F
Urul gro-Agamph's Key Urul gro-Agamph (Mania) Urul gro-Agamph's House in Split 00089640
Ushnar gro-Shadborgob's Key Ushnar gro-Shadborgob N/A 00073224
Vitharn Armory Key On a table inside Vitharn Door to the Armory of Vitharn, as well as two chests found inside 00052252
Xeddefen key Priest of Order in Xeddefen Two doors in Xeddefen 000171E4
Xiditte Cell Key A Zealot in the catacombs in Xiditte Cell door in the catacombs 00076907
Zoe Malene's Key Zoe Malene Zoe Malene's House in Hale 000749DF

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