Khajiit avatar 4 (Legends)

A Khajiit

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"Khajiit are quick and agile, making them some of the most adept thieves in Tamriel. As a Khajiit, you will more quickly collect cards rewarding you for nimbly attacking your opponent."
―Character creation screen[src]

Khajiit is a race in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.




Female Khajiit

  • "Bright moons light your path." – Saying "Hello"
  • "It has been an engaging hunt." – Saying "Good game"
  • "May fates smile on khajiit." – Imploring
  • "This one will shred your hide!" – Taunting
  • "This one is embaressed." – Saying "Oops"
  • "Nicely done!" – Saying "Nice Play"
  • "This one thanks you." – Thanking an opponent
  • "Khajiit is very sorry." – Saying "Sorry"
  • "You are victorious." – Concede


Ahnassi (Legends)
Arenthia Swindler
Baandari Bruiser
Baandari Outlaw
Bandit Ringleader (Legends)
Blood Pact Messenger
Caravan Enforcer
Cathay Novice (Legends)
Cathay-raht Veteran
Cog Collector
Cruel Bandit
Dagi-raht Mystic
Daring Cutpurse (Legends)
Descendant of Alkosh
Dune Rogue
Dune Smuggler
Dune Stalker (Legends)
Elsweyr Lookout
Master of Thieves
Pahmar-raht Renegade (Legends)
Palace Prowler
Priest of the Moons (Legends)
Protector of the Mane
Quin'rawl Burglar (Legends)
Quin'rawl Skulker 2
Rajhini Highwayman (Legends)
Riverhold Escort (Legends)
Ruthless Freebooter
Skooma Racketeer (Legends)
Skooma Smuggler (Legends)
Skooma Underboss
Target (Legends)
Tenmar Swiftclaw (Legends)
Thief of Dreams
Thieves Guild Fence (Legends)
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot
Torval Crook (Legends)