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Not to be confused with Khalima, Khalisah, or Khari.
"Nicely done! Shazah really does have her tail on straight today. Get in there. Khali will be right behind you."

Khali is a Khajiit found at Fort Grimwatch in Reaper's March. She is the sister of Shazah, who also resides in the settlement.

She and her sister are the current Lunar Champions and the next in line to become the next Mane.


Grimmer StillEdit

Investigate an ancient Khajiiti temple and purge the corruption within.

A Door into MoonlightEdit

Hallowed to ArenthiaEdit

Striking at the HeartEdit

Khali and her sister, Shazah, both appear outside Hectahame at the end of the quest, Striking at the Heart.


  • "Khali is but a student of the Mane, but this one longs to be inside and undo this corruption."


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