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There are a total of 4 treasure maps and 2 CE(Collector's Edition) treasure maps for Khenarthi's Roost. Treasure maps can be dropped from monsters, looted from Containers and chests, or bought from a guild store. They are completely random when looking for a map in containers and chest. Collector's Edition treasure maps were included in the Explorer Pack when The Elder Scrolls Online was pre-ordered. CE maps were limited edition, so at the moment they are not available to be dropped.

Finding the TreasureEdit

The actual map is a drawing of the area around the treasure. It is an uncolored sketch that has to be compared to Tamriel to find. A marker will not be placed on the compass to assist finding where the chest is buried. There will be landmarks in the sketch to help find the treasure. Even with landmarks, it will not be easily located.

The treasure will be under a mound of dirt. This mound is only surface if the map is inside your inventory not the bank. That means only one character can find the treasure, but items can be placed in your bank to share with other characters on same account. When close to the actual spot of the treasure, it will state Dirt Mound and give the option to dig by pressing default [E]. The chest will not be locked because all the hard work is expected to find the treasure in the first place! The map will disappear from inventory after you open the chest.