Khoruzoth is an Orsimer found in the Thukhozod's Sanctum, Wrothgar. He is the son of Yazoga and Khrogur.

Khoruzoth was born into the bloodline of the legendary necromancer Thukhozod. Despite the fact that Khrogur left Yazoga to raise Khoruzoth alone, because the Sanctum wasn't a place to raise children, he was eager to let his son to inherit the title of Thukhozod.[1] The Thukhozod Sanctum was, however, overtaken by another eager necromancer Gorlar the Dark before Khoruzoth arrived. This resulted in an early death for the young Khoruzoth, when he came to finally see his father.[2]


Thukhozod the EternalEdit

Bounty hunters Meram Farr and Bardun were contracted by Yazoga to find her son and bring him back. After entering the Thukhozod's Sanctum, Bardun got scared off by the undead and twisted his ankle.

The Vestige met Meram and was promised a share of the bounty if Khoruzoth is found. Unfortunately Khoruzoth was already dead, Vestige took away the Bone Amulet the Orc was carrying as proof.