"Traveling in the Reach is dangerous. You need a good carriage."


Kibell is a Nord carriage driver located just outside Markarth Stables. He waits there until someone needs a ride to any of the capitals.

If attacked, he will jump off of his carriage and proceed to attack the player. Attempting to pickpocket from him will show nothing in his inventory. Only after being assaulted and killed can you take anything from him.


Kibell will drive the Dragonborn to any hold capital, a useful service for discovering his/her locations on the map for future fast travelling later in the game. He charges either 50 gold or 20 gold, depending on the hold.

Upon boarding his carriage, Kibell may share a little tidbit of information about the Dragonborn's destination, or comment on the weather.


  • "Markarth sure is a city of beauty, no doubt about that."
  • "All right, then."
  • "Need a ride?"
  • "Where do you want to go?"
  • 'I can't wait here forever."
  • "Climb in back and we'll be off."
  • "Ready to go yet?"
  • "You best hurry it up."
  • "Can take you to any of the hold capitals."
  • "Need something?"
  • "Hmm?"
  • "It's an old city. Legends say Dwarves built it first. Then after they vanished, the natives moved in. Finally, the Nords took over around Tiber Septim't time. That bent a few folks' arms the wrong way."