Kidnapped by Cultists is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Malexa was abducted by cultists and is in imminent danger as they prepare to sacrifice her in an unholy ritual.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. (Optional) Speak with Sason in the West Gash, west of the Alen Ancestral Tomb.
  2. Find Malexa in Ashalmawia Shrine (behind a locked and trapped door).
  3. Escort Malexa to Sason.

Detailed walkthroughEdit


Find Sason west of the Alen Ancestral Tomb (south-east of the village of Khuul). He informs the Nerevarine that his wife, Malexa, was taken by cultists after they were ambushed on the road to Ald Velothi. He believes that she was abducted to perform an unholy ritual and that she is in great danger. He offers 200 septims as a reward for her rescue, and promises to spread word of a good deed to fellow House Redoran members.

After accepting the task, Sason says that he suspects she was taken to a nearby shrine to the west. Refusing to help results in a loss of House Redoran reputation.

Finding MalexaEdit

Regardless whether the Nerevarine speaks with Sason or not, Malexa can be found behind a locked and trapped door in Ashalmawia Shrine. The quest will trigger upon speaking with her if it has not already begun. Refusing Malexa's request for help her results in a loss of House Redoran reputation.

Return to SasonEdit

Kill any nearby cultists before beginning to escort Malexa to Sason. Delivering her safe and sound completes the quest. If she dies, Sason will not reward any gold but still increase House Redoran reputation by a small amount.


If Malexa lives:

  • 200 GoldIcon
  • +5 reputation – House Redoran

If Malexa dies:

  • No gold
  • +3 reputation – House Redoran


Journal Entry
I encountered a distraught traveler East of Ald Velothi. He was a Redguard named Sason, and he believes his wife was kidnapped by cultists
Sason tells me that his wife, Malexa, was been taken by some evil cultists. They cast Sason into a sorcerous sleep, and when he awoke, Malexa was gone. He is certain they have taken her to perform some unholy ritual.
Sason would like me to rescue his wife, Malexa, from the hands of the cultists who have kidnapped her. He says he can reward me with only 200 septims, but I will gain some favor with the House Redoran, of which he is a member
I have agreed to try and rescue Malexa from the cultists who have taken her. I can only imagine they have taken her to a nearby shrine and are planning on performing some sort of sacrifice with her. Sason believes there's a shrine west of here.
  • Quest accepted
I have decided not to try and rescue Malexa from the cultists. I have no need to get involved in this issue.
  • Quest failed
I am leading Malexa back to her husband. The shrine in which she is being held is one to Molag Bal, and is extremely well guarded.
I was able to rescue Malexa and reunite her with Sason. Luckily, the Molag Bal cultists had not had adequately prepared for the ritual sacrifice. The couple seemed overjoyed to be reunited, and Sason rewarded me well. He also swore to let my deeds be known to House Redoran.
  • Quest completed


  • An easy way to complete this quest is to speak with Malexa, tell her to follow, and then tell her to wait again soon after. She does not actually have to be escorted, and is counted as successfully reunited with Sason as long as she has been a follower and has not perished.