Kiliban Nyrandil is the Dunmer sorcerer, and the caretaker of the Xedilian. He will help by giving the Hero instructions found in the Manual of Xedilian if it was not read when it was given to them by Sheogorath.


Kiliban will often crack jokes about how Grommok gro-Barak and his adventurer friends were dealt with. Kiliban cannot be killed, as he is an essential character and will get back up after being knocked unconscious.

There is no penalty for knocking him out as long as there are no witnesses. Kiliban can also be used to help fight the Knights of Order that will attack inside Xedilian.


Baiting the TrapEdit

Sheogorath sent the Hero to Xedilian to attune the Resonator of Judgement in A Better Mousetrap. Once this task is completed, this next quest begins and the Hero must choose traps for the adventurers to fall in.


  • Kiliban teleports out of the game after the Hero speaks to him once the Knights of Order have been killed, never to be seen again. Although on occasion he may still be found in Xedilian, though one must travel in and out several times for the proper gate to be open. He keeps to his quarters although he offers no additional information or tasks.
  • He carries Kiliban's Key for no apparent reason.