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Kill Necromancer Tashpi Ashibael is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Ranis Athrys asks the Nerevarine to investigate a possible case of necromancy in the village of Maar Gan. There is a female Dunmer suspect named Tashpi Ashibael. The decision is up to the Nerevarine.


  • Ask Ranis Athrys for duties.
  • Head to the Maar Gan.
  • Speak with the Tashpi Ashibael and decide if Tashpi is performing necromancy or not. Her life depends on you:
    • Kill Tashpi OR
    • Let Tashpi escape.
  • Return to Ranis.


Ranis Athrys in the Balmora Guild of Mages is accusing Tashpi Ashibael in Maar Gan of practicing necromancy and asks the Nerevarine to kill her. Asking the locals will reveal that she lives in the last house on the right before the shrine, and that she is a highly respected and liked town healer. Once she is confronted, Tashpi will be surprised being accused of being a necromancer, though if Ranis is mentioned will understand the accusation and will lead to further dialogue where she explains that Ranis holds a grudge against her and that she will leave Vvardenfell for the mainland if the Nerevarine chooses. After the choice is made, the Nerevarine must return to Ranis to complete the quest and receive the reward.


  • 2 Scrolls of Elemental Burst: Fire,
  • 2 Scrolls of The Fourth Barrier


Kill Necromancer Tashpi Ashibael
Ranis told me that Tashpi Ashibael is a necromancer. Ranis wants me to kill Tashpi Ashibael. She lives in Maar Gan.
  • Quest accepted
Tashpi Ashibael agreed to go into hiding. I should tell Ranis Athrys that Tashpi is dead.
I told Ranis Athrys that the necromancer is dead.
  • Quest complete

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