Not to be confused with Kill the Bandit Leader.

Kill the Bandit Leader is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Siddgeir, Jarl of Falkreath asks the Dragonborn to kill a bandit leader. This quest must be completed in order to receive the quest "Thane of Falkreath."


  • Talk to Jarl Siddgeir in Falkreath.
  • Go to the assigned location and kill the bandit leader.
  • Return to Siddgeir to receive the reward.


Go to the Jarl's Longhouse in Falkreath and talk to Siddgeir to start this quest. He will send the Dragonborn to a radiant dungeon to kill the leader there. It is only required that the bandit leader be killed, but it would make the task easier to kill his minions. When the bandit leader is killed, return to Siddgeir to complete the quest.

The possible locations of the bandit leader are:


Kill the Bandit Leader – Favor154
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective: Kill the leader of <radiant location>
  • Objective: Return to Siddgeir
  • Quest complete