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For other uses, see King.

Kings are the male rulers of cities all over Tamriel. The following is a list of all known kings:

Black MarshEdit

Name City
Herula Archon
Claudios Blackrose
Germanus Helstrom
Tibus Thorn


Name City
Majnir Alabaster
Ak'nir Corinth
Ab'ir Dune
Amtaba Orcrest
Ommed Rimmen
Ab'dul Riverhold
Huskir Senchal
Mostabe Torval


Name City
Ohatan Dragonstar
Coc Gilane
Caacte Sentinel
Lhezem Taneth

High RockEdit

Name City
Tristyctor Daggerfall
Tristynak Evermore
Tristyrick Farrun
Bedyctor Jehanna
Rodore Shornhelm
Tristore Wayrest


Name City
Casik Ebonheart
Shalpar Kragenmoor
Zirik Mournhold


Name City
Ulrarne Dawnstar
Bjeld Falcrenth
Bjis Riften
Tarbens Snowhawk
Asgis Whiterun
Erarne Winterhold

Summerset IsleEdit

Name City
Coreriil Alinor
Kelkemmenar Cloudrest
Saura Dusk
Kalalian Firsthold
Corridalf Lillandril
Kalalian Skywatch
Saruriil Sunhold


Name City
Coman Arenthia
Elisgorn Falinesti
Colas Greenheart
Silrim Haven
Paligorn Silvenar



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