"The Seamount Orcs attacked generations ago. They took our island. Under their rule, what we called Betony became Betnikh. My failure to defend my people was unforgivable, but how I attempted to defeat the Orcs was worse."
―King Renwic[src]

King Renwic was the Breton ruler of Betnikh at the time of the Orc invasion that conquered the island.


As a last, desperate tactic, he planned to use an ancient Ayleid relic to raise an army of the undead to defeat the Orcs, but rejected the plan at the last minute when he realized that the incessant and insatiable hunger of the relic for souls would be the doom of Breton and Orc alike. His spirit appears to the Vestige after they have cleared the old Breton graveyard of evil forces, to explain the nature of the relic and the danger to everyone if the Bloodthorn Cult manages to get their hands on it.


Unearthing the PastEdit

Lambur asked to investigate Grimfield to unravel more of the Bloodthorn cultists plan. The Bloodthorn Cult has invaded an ancient Breton graveyard and is raising zombies. The Seamount Orcs are concerned but are waiting for reinforcements.