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King of Dust is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Dominion is searchign for a keystone in Zuuk. The Vestige needs to find it before they do.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Free the Kothringi in Zuuk
  2. Talk to Drillk
  3. Collect Colored Glass (3)
  4. Collect Metal Band
  5. Forge the Crown
  6. Bring the Crown to Drillk
  7. Steal a Scroll of Release
  8. Free Dethrel
  9. Free Sarase
  10. Free Lleram
  11. Talk to Drillk
  12. Escort Drillk to the Tower
  13. Talk to Drillk


The glass is scattered about the village. The band is located in a crate in on of the huts. To forge the crown, located the anvil located outside one of the backwalls of a hut.

To get past the ward, the secret word will be unlocked by talking to Drillk in tower and he tells you the word open in his language during the next quest in this line.



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