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For other uses, see Kingscrest Cavern.

Kingscrest Cavern is a large, multi-level underground cavern located in northeastern Cyrodiil, in the Jerall Mountains. It is northeast of Lord Rugdumph's Estate, near Aerin's Camp.

In the Kingcrest Withered Forest Room, which is accessible from a few underwater doors from the Kingcrest Cavern Chert Galleries, one will find a large underground dead forest. There are plenty of chests both above and below water. Some of these chests have Hard locks on them.


  • Kingscrest Cavern
  • Kingscrest Cavern Chert Galleries
  • Kingscrest Withered Forest
  • Kingscrest Cavern Basin Chambers

Notable itemsEdit

The only known plants inside are:

Wisp Stalk grows abundantly in rings. Upon entering the main chamber, take the left tunnel. Continue to the door to find the closest ring.


  • There is a 10% chance that an Orcish Adventurer will spawn inside Kingscrest Cavern.


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