Kireth Vanos is a Dunmer dungeon explorer, along with her brother, Raynor. Both can be found inside various ruins across Tamriel.




Show: Honest Work
Before talking to Raynor Vanos:

"Well, look who it is! Did you get marooned here, too? Now, before you ask: Yes, we're in trouble again. And no, I don't know how we're going to get out of it. Maybe you can talk to Raynor to help us figure something out?"

After talking to Raynor Vanos:

"I usually see the tomb as half full, but even I was about to give up hope before you showed up. If you can help us raise the gold we need to leave this wretched city, we'd really appreciate it!"

How did you end up in Anvil if you were heading for Hammerfell? "Now that's a tale to make the Brave Little Scrib cry. Raynor insists that the captain made a mistake, but I saw the contract they signed before we were marooned here. My brother charted a ship to Anvil, not Sentinel. This is all his fault."

Why would Raynow charter a ship to Anvil? "He mixed up names! Anvil, Hammerfell, they all sound the same to my brother! After we'd set sail, he said he couldn't wait to see the towers of Anvil. I reminded him we were sailing to Sentinel. So he ran to see the captain, but it was too late."

What were you going to Hammerfell for? "We had a line on a new Dwarven ruin. Well, not new. Newly discovered? Anyway, it's near Tava's Blessing and it's entirely fresh and unexplored! If me and Raynor can get there before the grave robbers, imagine the amazing things that we'll find!"

You want the Dwarven relics for yourselves? "What? No! We're dungeon-delvers, not tomb raiders! My brother has a deep and abiding respect for the Dwarves. He's obsessed with learning everything he can about their ancient technology. Me? I just love to explore old places. It's my calling!"

Any suggestions on who might be interested in hiring you? "I tried to handle a shift at the local tavern, but the customers couldn't keep their sweaty paws to themselves! You can't blame me for breaking a few fingers. They were touching my body, after all. That's when the innheeper's wife fired me."

There must be somewhere you'd like to work. "I thought about helping the Rowdy Guar, but the ships captain is a cheat! What I really want to do is sing. I've serenaded in taverns from Deshaan to Eastmarch. I never received a standing ovation in Orsinium! Unfortunately, Anvil has no taste."

After finding jobs for Kireth and Raynor:

"You're back. Did you have any luck? Did you find anyone who's willing to hire us? Wait, don't tell me. I need a moment to compose myself. Tell Raynor how things turned out while I have a sit down."

After talking to Raynor:

"All right, I'm ready to hear the news now. What kind of job did you sign me up for? Bodyguard? Spy for the Pact? Private chef for a visiting dignitary? Tell me, tell me, tell me!"

You can sing in the tavern. Pius promised to pay you well. "That's wonderful news! Those drunken pirates are in for a treat! Thank you for negotiating an excellent deal. Now what I should sing? Something from the Tribunal Soliloques? Maybe one of the sujamma drinking songs? So many choices!"
They're going to love you. "You did more for us than anyone in this wretched city. Raynor and I will do our jobs and complete our contracts. Then it's off to Hammerfell! There are ruins to explore, adventures to partake in! I'm all tingly with anticipation."

After talking to her again:

"A little work, a little gold, and we'll be in Sentinel in no time! Thanks to you."

Show: Enrick's Public House

"Oh, you just missed it! My rendition of "Rememberings" from the Dark Elf musical "Guars" brought the house down! It's a sad, touching number with a few light moments, but I've never seen a crowd laugh so hard. I guess I really nailed the high notes."

How did your findings at Bthanual turn out? "I wrote a book about the ruins and Raynor was able to make improvements to his control rod thingamabob, but we decided to pass on both the Academy and the Mages Guild. We learned that an independent life of adventure suits us just fine."

Have you make any progress with that memory orb from Mzulft yet? "A little. I'm not having any better luck with my new journal, though. The pages keep falling out! Raynor says I'm too hard on my books, but it has to be shoddy construction. They just don't make bindings like they used to. It's kind of disgraceful."

Glad to see you made it back from Coldharbour "You and me both! I'm all for exploring new places, but that place was just wrong! I just wish everyone had made it back from that damn place. I miss King Dynar. And poor Darien. He was kind of a flirt, but he had a hero's heart."