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For other uses, see Kjeld.

Kjeld is a Nord in Kynesgrove.


Kjeld is the leader of Kynesgrove and the most influential man in the settlement. He's also the owner of Steamscorch Mine. He lives with his wife Iddra, the innkeeper, and his son, Kjeld the Younger. In a dialogue with Roggi Knot-Beard, a good friend of his, Kjeld reveals that his marriage isn't as good as it used to be.

Tormir in Darkwater Crossing has bad relations with him for an unknown reason. Speculations about him being the father of her daughter might be the cause, as she speaks negatively of Hrefna's unknown father.


Letter from KjeldEdit

If the Dragonborn kills Tormir from Darkwater Crossing, a courier will deliver a letter sent from Kjeld stating he's glad she was taken care of and to collect a reward.

Hired ThugsEdit

If the Dragonborn steals from Kynesgrove, Kjeld will send Hired Thugs after him/her as a consequence.

Thalmor DissidenceEdit

If the Dragonborn is a High Elf wearing the Hooded Thalmor uniform, he/she will be attacked by Kjeld and Gemma Uriel on sight.



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