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For other uses, see Kjeld.
"My pa runs this town, and you're going to be in big trouble if you mess with me."
―Kjeld the Younger[src]


Kjeld the Younger is a Nord miner who lives in Kynesgrove. He is the son of Kjeld and Iddra. He is not to be confused with his father, who runs the Steamscorch Mine and the settlement of Kynesgrove itself.


  • "You don't look so tough. I'll bet I could take you."
  • "Why are you still here?"
  • "I don't know you. Leave me alone!"


  • Should he die, his father will, after discovering his corpse, run into the Inn, where he will mourn over his death for a day.
  • Kjeld the Younger speaks with his mother, Iddra, about not abusing his sister, Froa (namely, his throwing of her into the goat pen) as well as him having to do chores that he believes she should help with. The sister is never seen in Kynesgrove.
  • The Creation Kit shows that he was friends with Susanna the Wicked.


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