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Klimmek is a Nord trader in Ivarstead. He is living in his house with Bassianus Axius, who was searching for a job and a place to live. Both are currently working together as fishermen.


Klimmek is a trader who makes deliveries from Ivarstead to High Hrothgar. He can be found on the road out of Ivarstead to High Hrothgar. Klimmek and Fastred were romantically involved until she became more interested in Bassianus Axius. It is revealed that Klimmek likes to fish; this is heard in a conversation between him and Fastred if they are reunited.


Climb The StepsEdit

Klimmek usually delivers supplies to the Greybeards at High Hrothgar, but this time he is unable to do the trip. The Dragonborn may receive the supplies and do the trip for Klimmek.

The Book of LoveEdit

Klimmek can be persuaded to express his feelings towards Fastred and make her change her mind on leaving Ivarstead with Bassianus Axius.


  • His name may be referring to the German verb "erklimmen," which means "to climb up in something," or the Dutch verb "Klimmen," which means "to climb."
  • He sometimes walks to the shore and stays there for a while, maybe enjoying the view.
  • It is shown in a conversation between Fastred and Klimmek that she left him for Bassianus because she thought that Klimmek only loved fishing.
  • If told to rejoin with Fastred, Klimmek expresses his feelings for her by saying, "What good are fish if you have to eat them alone?"


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