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Knife weapon
Base Damage:
2 DamageIcon
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1 GoldIcon
Class: One-Handed
FormID: 0001F25A
For other uses, see Knife.

The Knife is a rare one-handed weapon found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It is essentially a standard dinner knife, that can be found all over Skyrim. It is unique in that, unlike other knives, it can be equipped as a weapon.

If the appropriate perks are selected, the knife's magnitude of damage dealt will raise like any other weapon, albeit insignificantly due to its already low base damage of 2. It cannot be upgraded at a grindstone, however it can be enchanted.

Known locationsEdit

  • Honeyside in Riften – After purchasing the porch upgrade, the Dragonborn can find both the fork and knife weapon variants on the table outside.
  • East Empire Company Warehouse – Can be found on the second floor sitting on a crate.
  • Faldar's Tooth – It is located in the dining area, near a fireplace and plenty of dog meat. Stored on the bottom shelf, in a pile of both non-interactable forks and knives.
  • Near High Hrothgar – If the Dragonborn enters the courtyard area and walk straight up the stairs, then jump over the stone wall on the left, they can walk along the cliffs before eventually coming to a small ledge (under a wooden bridge) with a fork and knife. The Dragonborn may not be able to pick these items up unless they can move them using magic, such as the Unrelenting Force shout.


  • Redwater Den – A fork and a knife sitting on a table next to a bottle of Black-Briar Mead.
  • Volkihar Keep – It is found sitting on a table with other various torture tools.
  • Volkihar Ruins – Three knives and two forks can be found piled on a shelf near the ground by the entrance.



  • Bristleback Cave – Half way into the cave after fighting many Rieklings, one will find a table with two knives and a fork.
  • Haknir's Shoal – On a plate next to one of the tents together with a fork and some tongs.
  • Fort Frostmoth – On a table in the boss room next to the boss chest. 


This section contains bugs related to Knife (Skyrim weapon). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Confirm all bugs with other editors on the talk page before adding them below.
  2. Always try reloading an old save first, before asking for assistance.
  3. Do not discuss possible bug fixes or origins. Leave those and all other first-person-anecdotes on the talk page, not the article.
  4. Always add  360  ,  PS3  , or  PC   to clarify which system the bug appears on.
  • In third person, knives will appear invisible upon equipping them. It will look like there is nothing in one's hand; however, an enchanted fork or knife will be visible in its sheath and one's hand while equipped.
  • Like many other weapons, the knife will glitch around the room when one attempts to place it on a weapon rack or holder.
  •  360   Occasionally, the knife will fail to appear in its place in the East Empire Company Warehouse.
  • Sometimes, swinging the weapon will cause the Dragonborn to disappear for a quick second.

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