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Knightmare - Dredd

Knightmare Armor

Main article: Item Sets

Knightmare is a named equipment set found in The Elder Scrolls Online. Owners must actively wear three set pieces to receive the Set Enhancement and five set pieces to receive a special bonus enhancement. Item values, level, and stats vary from item to item and are influenced by character skills, magical bonuses, and decay.

Set enhancementEdit

(3 Items) Knightmare

  • Adds 321 maximum health (5 items) knightmare 20% chance on melee attack to reduce damage of nearby enemies 10% for 5 seconds. This effect can happen every 20 seconds.

Set itemsEdit

  • Cuirass of the Knightmare (Chest) (Heavy Armor)
  • Gauntlets of the Knightmare (Hand) (Heavy Armor)
  • Greaves of the Knightmare (Legs) (Heavy Armor)


  • Items from this set may be found as loot from quests and enemies throughout Tamriel, starting with quests and areas intended for level 20-30 characters. (area level is determined by creature levels)



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