Knotbone Chamber is located north and slightly east of the Gates of Madness. It is a good source for finding amber. Guarding the entrance are a few leveled creatures, as well as leveled grummites within it.


Knotbone ChamberEdit

Knotbone CavitiesEdit

Knotbone JunctureEdit

Upon reaching the Knotbone Juncture, a fight will be started between multiple Grummites and Elytras. There are also several chests with various loot, however a few are locked. Take caution while entering Knotbone Ruins, as the ceiling will fall down when advancing into the ruin.

Knotbone PipesEdit

Knotbone RuinsEdit

Knotbone CellarEdit


The Museum of OdditiesEdit

Bring odd items to Una Armina for display in her museum.