Knotty Bramble is a cave north of Fellmoor in Dementia and west of the fort Xavara. The mythic water Aquanostrum is supposed to be there.


  • Knotty Bramble
  • Knotty Bramble Hatching Room
  • Knotty Bramble Lost Crypt

There Lost Crypt contains the Blind Watcher's Eye.


In the Knotty Bramble Lost Crypt, there is a seemingly untouchable room, no switch in sight, with a skeleton laid atop an altar. The skeleton, in fact, belongs to the ghost of an nord who remains on the Hill of Suicides, and collecting his head for him might be of interest to some players.

There is a way into this room, and those who wish to find it on their own should stop reading right about now. Surrounding the sealed room are four more altars, each with a body atop them. Interestingly enough, the two bodies behind the sealed room are completely untouched by the elements, while the first two corpses have withered into nothing more than bones.

Upon examining the perfectly preserved bodies, you discover that you cannot loot them, but one can still drag them. Using the GRAB function, drag the preserved body which rests on the fourth altar away from the center of the stone slab, and a small switch is revealed. Press it, and the back of the sealed room falls away, and access to the orc's skull is mere steps away.

Be warned though, as soon as one enter the nord's room, the bodies of the Zealots come back to life, attacking whoever has disturbed their crypt.


Ghosts of the Hill of SuicidesEdit

It is a crime in the Shivering Isles to commit suicide; the punishment for that poor soul is to be trapped for eternity on the Hill of Suicides. The only way to break the curse is if somebody is to return the skull to its spirit.

A Liquid SolutionEdit

The owner of Sickly Bernice's Taphouse in Crucible Sickly Bernice, asks for help in curing her fatal disease. She was told by a man that if he were to let him stay for free he would tell her the cure.