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"I'm on my break, leave me to my game."

Knuckle-Bones is an Argonian found at the docks in Anvil, The Gold Coast. She can be seen playing dice with Ubra and Lucky Gurg.


A Profitable VentureEdit


Show: A Profitable Venture

"I'm on my break, leave me to my game."

I need to ask you about the Dock Master. "Seek another for your troubles. I only wish to play dice in peace."

[Persuade] Qamar sent me to make a withdrawal and he's kind of impatient, but I'll tell him you're too busy. "Wait - wait, let's not be hasty. Here's where he keeps his gold. Take a little nip for your trouble. He never notices."
Thanks for the advice.
All I need to know is where Qamar hides his stash. "Then you must be disappointed, because I cannot tell you what you wish. Go please. The ill-omens of a bubbling bog surround you, as well as the smell."


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