"Father says I don't have the knack for reading, but mama says I won't need it to work the farm."


Knud is a Nord child found at Katla's Farm outside Solitude.


Knud is the son of Katla and Snilling.

His father says that Knud is a bad reader, but his mother says he won't need to read to work on the farm. Knud says that his father makes him respect guests who come to their home.

If both of his parents are killed, he will be moved to Honorhall Orphanage in Riften.


  • "You're a guest. And father says we have to be polite to guests."
  • "Mama said I could help with the goats!"

Family dialogue

Katla:' "Another gorgeous gray day, right dear?"
Snilling: "It's too cold for my bones, but that never seems to stop you, dear."
Knud: I'm gonna go play soldier with a tree!"
Katla: "That's nice, son. Just don't stomp on the crop like last time!"
Snilling: "I'll see if I can't get some work done inside, where it's warm"


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