Koal Cave is a cave in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Koal Cave is found in the West Gash region, south of Gnisis, across the Samsi river, on the sea side, on the northwestern shore of Vvardenfell, under a natural arched rock formation. It is a large cavern system, inhabited by hostile Dreughs. Some loot can be retrieved from two bodies, one is near the entrance, and the other, in the furthest section of the cave. If the Nerevarine does not know the water breathing spell, or doesn't have many potions of Water Breathing, it is impossible to explore the whole cavern system, as there are only very few sections that are not completely flooded, and there several long corridors, that are deep under water, and have no air pockets.

The Shrine of ValorEdit

Main article: The Shrine of Valor

Near the entrance, inside, the Shrine of Valor can be found, if the Nerevarine activates the shrine, they will acquire a blessing that Fortifies Unarmored, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, and Medium Armor for 10 points during 48 minutes.


One of Vivec's battle with Ruddy Man, also known as the "Farther of Dreugh," took place in the area.[1] After Vivec's victory, Ruddy Man promised that his children would give up their hide, so they may serve the Dunmer as armor.[2]


Pilgrimages of the Seven GracesEdit

As part of a long pilgrimage, the Nerevarine must accomplish the journey to the Shrine of Valor, inside the cave, in order to join the Tribunal Temple.

Find Fedris TharenEdit

Lloros Sarano asks the Nerevarine to find Fedris Tharen, who got lost during his pilgrimage to the Koal cave.

Lead the Pilgrim to Koal CaveEdit

Fonus Rathryon needs an escort to reach the cave.


  • Fedris TharenDunmer, Pilgrim
  • A Dead Adventurer is in the reeds by the entrance.
  • A Dead Man, in the furthest alcove of the cave.


Notable itemsEdit

Note: The following can only be acquired if a Dreugh Wax has been donated to the Shrine of Valor after defeating the Dreugh Warlord.