"Strangers are always trouble."


Kodrir is a Nord lumberjack in Anga's Mill.


Kodrir shows a great dislike of strangers when spoken to. He's also very pessimistic and thinks badly of people around him.


Kodrir works at the Mill in Anga's Mill under the employer Aeri who he suspects doesn't appreciate his hard work. After a day of work he retires to Anga's Mill Common House with his workmate Leifur, with whom he argues about work.


If the Dragonborn kills Ennodius Papius, he will send a Letter from Kodrir via courier, for a reward of 50 GoldIcon.

He otherwise provides no quests or interactions other than a monologue and repeatedly asking the Dragonborn to "get lost."


  • If the Dragonborn kills Kodrir, Leifur will send a letter of thanks, requesting that he be spoken to, at which point he will hand over 50GoldIcon.
  • Kodrir is voiced by Stephen Russell


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  • Upon committing an act of unprovoked violence against anyone near Anga's Mill, such as killing the Stormcloak Courier as part of the quest "A False Front," a normal Courier will deliver the "Letter from Kodrir" to the Dragonborn sometime thereafter, asking that he or she go to Anga's Mill and talk to him about a job involving the "employ[ment] of violence."  However, simply reading the letter may not result in starting the quest and thus activating Kodrir will only result in him telling the Dragonborn to get lost.  If this be the case, the Dragonborn must drop the letter and then read, whereupon the quest will begin and the Dragonborn will be able to engage Kodrir in conversation.