Kollopi are an arboreal rodent native to the province of Valenwood. They are used to make a simple peasant dish of the same name.[1]


Kollopi live and feed exclusively on the most tender branches of the graht-oaks. During Valenwood's annual harvest, colonies of Imga gather these little mice by climbing beneath them, then jumping up and picking the Kollopi from their perches.[1]

The Kollopi dish consists of little balls of flesh, thick with spices and juice. Kollopi is served in taverns in the graht-oak city of Falinesti, such as Mother Pascost's Tavern.[1]

Kollopi Essence can be used to attract forest moths and to hide someone from a group of Wood Orcs. They can be harvested from a Shimmering Kollopi Tree. Kollopi seeds can be used to grow Lurchers and have them do your bidding.[2]