Kotholl Ironfist is a Nord mercenary that was hired by the merchants camping in the Obsidian Gorge.


The Vestige will find Kotholl hiding behind a rock near the rubble of a recently attacked caravan. He will explain he was a guard for House Hlaalu stationed at their trade camp near Obsidian Gorge. Severely outnumbered after the Maulborn attack on the trade camp, he hid. He will task the Vestige with recovering certain valuable items from murdered merchants.


Nothing Left to WasteEdit

After a House Hlaalu trade camp is attacked by raiders, the Vestige is tasked with assisting a survivor in recovering valuable items from the corpses of the murdered merchants.


"Kotholl's the name. I was working as a guard in the trading camp before the Maulborn attacked. This Elven scout was lucky I came along when I did. She was getting her arse handed to her."

How did you survive?: "Did was I was taught to do. When outnumbered, I hide. Not the bravest move, but it kept the two of us alive. Listen, if you're going down there, I could use your help. I need some things from the camp."
What kind of things?: "Things that are too important to fall into the hands of the Maulborn. They're in three locked chests, so you'll need to get the keys first."
Where can I find the keys?: "Three of the merchants I worked for wore the keys on chains around their necks. They were the first to fall when the Maulborn attacked, but I don't think their bodies were searched very thoroughly."
Why do you need these keys? What's in the chests?: "I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to say. All I can tell you is I swore to guard those chests with my life. That ought to give you some idea of their importance."

"Did you get the stuff from the locked chests?"

What was so important about these trinkets? Why should I care if the Maulborn got them?: "Um, yeah. Fact is, I kind of lied to you. Those merchants owed me weeks of back pay, and now they're dead. My family will starve without that money. Those trinkets you recovered may not seem like much, but they'll feed my family for a year."
You should've told me the truth from the beginning: "I couldn't risk it. I'm sorry I misled you, but I can't let my children go hungry."
Fine, take the trinkets. Just make sure it goes to feed your family: "I don't know what to say. Thank you. I'll find a way to make up for this. I swear it."