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For other uses, see Kragenmoor.

Kragenmoor is a city in the region of Stonefalls, Morrowind. The city is currently occupied by House Dres and its grandmaster, Omin.

The city itself is divided into two sections; with the upper section of the city accommodating members of House Dres and visitors, while the lower section of the city is home to House Dres' slaves, as well the town's skooma addicts and petty thieves. To the west overlooking the entire city is the House Dres Crypts, which has existed since the First Era.



The Anchor Exchange
Kragenmoor Fighters Guild
Grandmaster's Palace
Kragenmoor Mages Guild
Slave Quarters
Sugar-Side Woodworking
The Hissing Guar
The Sugar-Rot Slop House
Other characters



  • Kragenmoor is German for "Collarmarsh."


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