"I'd like nothing more than to see Winterhold regain its former glory."


Kraldar is a Nord noble who rises to the rank of Jarl of Winterhold if the Dragonborn sides with the Imperial Legion during the Civil War questline. If he becomes Jarl after the Dragonborn trades Winterhold for The Reach in Season Unending, and the Dragonborn later retakes the hold for Jarl Korir, he will be exiled to Erikur's House in Solitude.


Great CollapseEdit

By all accounts, Kraldar may be one of the last in a long line of nobility in Winterhold, due to the cataclysmic Great Collapse in 4E 122. He understands that the College of Winterhold needs to be placated, and being on good terms with the Arch-Mage is in Winterhold's best interest, unlike his predecessor. Ever the optimist, he firmly believes that Winterhold will be returned to greatness one day, and often regales his housecarl, Thonjolf, with his dreams for the future. He is far less chatty with Malur Seloth, however.[1]

As JarlEdit

He is often bored with his rank—he will frequently ask Thonjolf for the latest rumors in Winterhold. When Thonjolf reveals that there is absolutely no news in the three-house town (and even in the College), Kralder will prod him until Thonjolf promises to tell him about anything new occurring in the perennially frostbitten town (this also occurs before he is Jarl).



  • During "Season Unending," it is possible that General Tullius wants Kraldar removed as Jarl of Winterhold, and for him to be replaced by an Imperial candidate. However, Kraldar is not the Jarl of Winterhold under Stormcloak rule.