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"Miraak has commanded your death. So it shall be."

Krosulhah (Dovahzul: KROSULHAh) is a named dragon in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


He is found outside of Nchardak after completing The Path of Knowledge.



Before engaging in combat he will give a warning that Miraak is becoming stronger and has demanded the Dragonborn's death. After defeating him, there's a chance that Miraak will appear and take his soul.


  • "Miraak has commanded your death. So it shall be."
  • "Soon Miraak will return to resume his rightful junaar [kingship] over Solstheim."
  • "When Miraak returns, all will bow before him."
  • "Bein Rotmulaag! What foul words are these?!" (If Dragonrend shout is used on him.)
  • "No dovah would stoop to such vile tahrovin [treachery]." (If Dragonrend shout is used on him.)


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