"He's always getting himself into jams with the careless ways he performs his experiments, and well, I'm afraid he's done it again"
―Kud-Ei, on Henantier.[src]

Kud-Ei quote

Kud-Ei is an Argonian and resident of the town of Bravil. She serves the Mages Guild as head of Bravil Guildhall. She carries a leveled longsword strapped to her waist. Kud-Ei is also a journeyman Illusion trainer.


Kud-Ei has small cranial crests that she decorates with cloth or rings. As with other Argonians, her age is indicated by the color of her scales. Older Argonians have more orange and dark-green in their complexion, while younger Argonians are more light-green, yellow, purple or even bluer. The abundance of purple and yellow scales reveals that she is ripe with age.


Attached romantically to Henantier, Kud-Ei is concerned with the recklessness with which her partner performs his dangerous experiments. Despite her attempts to convince him, he has little respect for authority and performs them anyway. Kud-Ei, realizing the danger of this, seems willing to forgive the infractions, so long as he is saved.


Bravil RecommendationEdit

Ardaline, the Altmeri alchemist of the Bravil Guildhall is missing her staff of charming. Kud-Ei correctly suspects her admirer, Varon Vamori, of having taken it. Since the quests is a tutorial in Charm spells, she offers three scrolls of charming to help with interrogating him. He reveals that he sold the staff to a merchant in the Imperial City. Kud-Ei, when informed of this, offers more scrolls to help with recovering the staff. The staff can either be looted from the chest in the merchant's basement or his wife can be charmed into relinquishing the key. After the staff is returned to Kud-Ei, she confesses the task had little to do with returning stolen property, so much as it was about the principle of stealing another mage's staff, a symbol of their power and membership in the guild. As a reward, she gives a basic charm spell.

Through a Nightmare, DarklyEdit

Her life partner, Henantier is stuck in a dream and she asks for help. Frightened that Henantier's haywire experiment will get him expelled from the guild, she hires an associate to enter his Dreamworld with a special amulet and awaken him.