Kurdan's Orc Hunter is an Orsimer hunter who was payed by Kurdan gro-Dragol to hunt humanoid prey. He holds the key to get out of Fort Grief, but it turns out to be a fake key.


Caught in the HuntEdit

In Bravil, the Hero will hear that Aleron Loche is suffering from gambling debt. The rumors lead to Aleron's wife, Ursanne Loche, who will fill the Hero in on the details. Ursanne can be found wandering around Bravil, in the couple's house, or at the Great Chapel of Mara.

Later, the Hero will discover that a fort is used by Kurdan, who lent Aleron septims, to host a hunt to the death. In order to escape, the Imperial, Nord, and Orc hunters must be killed for their keys. These keys will then open the gate needed to escape.