"Kurdan doesn't make most of his money being a simple usurer. He also invented what he calls the Hunter's Run."
Aleron Loche[src]

Kurdan gro-Dragol quote

Kurdan gro-Dragol is an Orc money lender in Bravil. Besides, with a job as a usurer, he makes most of his money in what he calls the "Hunter's run" where people pay him to hunt living human prey. Those who fall too deep in debt risk the chance of being tricked into becoming prey in the hunt.


Caught in the HuntEdit

While looking for Aleron Loche, the Hero will be pointed to Kurdan, who was a money lender for Aleron. Kurdan will open up after some persuasion, saying he will remove the debt if his family axe is recovered. Kurdan sends the Hero off to get the Axe of Dragol. After arriving at Fort Grief, it is discovered that it is a trap. Aleron can be found and will explain there is no axe and that he fell for it too.

He can be wearing a variety of enchanted light armor depending on level.