"Strangers like you bring war. I've seen enough war."


Kust is a Nord living in Falkreath. He is the keeper of Falkreath Graveyard and the assistant of Runil, and resides in the Hall of the Dead.


Letter from KustEdit

If the Dragonborn kills either Lod or Bolund in Falkreath, a courier will arrive with a letter sent from Kust thanking the Dragonborn.

Hired thugsEdit

If the Dragonborn kills Runil or steals anything belonging to Runil or Kust, hired thugs may be sent after them by Kust.


Runil's Dark PastEdit

Runil was one of the Thalmor during the war... "I knew he was troubled but one of the Thalmor? I wish I could say I did not believe it. Thank you for telling me."

Lod's LotEdit

Lod has a book he stole from a grave. "I knew something was up. I'll make sure he doesn't disrespect this place anymore. Honesty is a rare thing to find these days. Thank you."


Runil: "There are a lot of good men buried here, Kust."
Kust: "Men aren't good or bad. They're just men."

Kust: "The graveyard has been lonely. Few pay homage to the dead."
Runil: "Few want to be reminded of mortality in a time of war, Kust."


  • "Strangers like you bring war. I've seen enough war."
  • "You have the look of a killer."
  • "Show respect while you're here and you and I will be fine."
  • "These graves hold the sons and daughters of Falkreath."
  • "Arkay helps us find peace with death."



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