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Kvatch, Cyrodiil
Kvatch in ruins after the daedric attack
Seal Kvatch
Full map of Kvatch (click for larger)
Province Cyrodiil
Region Gold Coast
Leader Count Ormellius Goldwine

Kvatch is a city located on the Gold Road between Anvil and Skingrad, built atop a mountain. The Count of Kvatch was Ormellius Goldwine, before he was killed by the armies of Mehrunes Dagon, like most of the citizens. The city was home to the only Arena other than the one in the Imperial City. It is the site of an early battle between Daedra and the people of Tamriel. This is the first place the Hero will experience Oblivion. A gate has opened up near the town and released a swarm of daedra who are running loose in Kvatch. Most of the town has been turned to rubble by the time the Hero gets there. Before its destruction, Kvatch was the second largest city in Cyrodiil, in front of Skingrad and behind the Imperial City. Kvatch was apparently rebuilt after the Oblivion Crisis.


First EraEdit

Before 1E 472, a war had occured between the kingdoms of Kvatch and Skingrad. According to the book Rislav the Righteous, peace was declared this year. It can be assumed that the children, Rislav Larich and Belene, the daughter of King Justinius of Kvatch were married here to make peace.[1]

Third EraEdit

The first battle of the Oblivion Crisis occurs here, the Battle of Kvatch. Daedric forces open an Oblivion portal in an effort to kill Martin Septim. The Kvatch City Guard along with the Hero rout the enemy forces and secure victory. Afterwards, a smaller scale attack is lead against the Daedra occupying the castle.[2]

Fourth EraEdit

During the Great WarAldmeri Dominion forces bypassed Kvtach on their way to Hammerfell.[3] Whether the city was attacked or not during the war is unknown, as is its current status.

Points of interestEdit



The banner of Kvatch.





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