The Refugee Camp is a small settlement in Oblivion located near Kvatch The camp is a temporary place set up by the guards of Kvatch for the remaining citizens of the destroyed city.


Savlian Matius, the captain of the Kvatch Guard, has a tent in the camp. Batul gra-Sharob has a tent with goods saved when escaping the destroyed city and offers repairs and weapons. Weedum-Ja, the pilgrim has a tent opposite Batul. Athrelor, a refugee, also has a tent and is open for business.

Further up the path there will be a handful of guards trying to hold off the daedra coming from the Oblivion Gate which is blocking the entrance to the destroyed city.

The Hero will come through the settlement whilst doing the main storyline.


  • On the map, it is labelled as "Kvatch," rather than Kvatch: Refugee Camp.