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Kvenel the Tongue

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Kvenel the Tongue
Kvenel the Tongue
Race Nord
Gender Male
Level Radiant (1-30)
Class Warrior
Ref ID 0007491C
Base ID 001019C6

Kvenel the Tongue is a unique spectral Draugr. He can be found within the dungeon Volunruud. According to a set of notes found earlier in the dungeon, Kvenel is the leader of the legendary Tongues, powerful warriors capable of using Dragon Shouts.


Silenced TonguesEdit

Kvenel is the objective of a quest called Silenced Tongues, which can be started by reading a set of notes on the ground upon entering the Dungeon.

Kvenel is guarded by a Draugr Scourge who hits reasonably hard with Frost spells, and also summons an exceptionally powerful Frost Atronach. Kvenel himself dual-wields the sword Eduj and the war axe Okin.

Notable itemsEdit

Kvenel drops his two unique weapons, Eduj and Okin. It is also possible that Kvenel will drop a third, leveled item.



  •  PC   360   PS3  If only one of his unique weapons is found on first looting his body, loot it again to find the second unique weapon.  This is the case for all dual-wielding enemies.




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