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Kwama Warriors are a form of Kwama that inhabit the egg mines of Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Online.[1]


Kwama warriors, the largest of the species, protect the Kwama workers and scrib from intruders. The warrior can unearth a giant rock to launch at its foes. They appear twitchy and on edge, always alert for danger and ready to fight off interlopers. Its attacks are powerful and brutish.[1]


  • Excavation: An attack where the Kwama Warrior burrows underground.[2]


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  • U4: As of Update 4, The Kwama warrior now moves its arms properly when attacking.[3]
  • U6: As of Update 6, Excavation is now properly named; you will no longer be struck by “Thunder Hammer” while fighting Kwama.[2]
  • U11: Adds killed by the Warrior put their summon ability on cooldown.
  • U11 Adds summoned by the Warrior no longer burrow, and will now die in 3 hits or with one fully-charged heavy attack.
  • U11: Attacks now wait for previous attacks to resolve before casting.
  • U11: Each Kwama Warrior can no longer summon more than two adds at a time. Warriors will only summon adds when few allies are present.
  • U11: Excavation can now be cast while silenced. Also, avoiding Excavation has been made more intuitive.[4]

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