Kyleus Herminia is an Imperial mage of the Imperial Legion. She is found in the Nobles District of the Imperial City.


"Is there some reason you're staring at me?"

What are you writing? "A scroll to drown these wretched Daedra. Prayers to the Eight who never answer. My memories. My eulogy. Why do you care?"
I'm trying to understand how the city fell to Molag Bal. "Through treachery, hubris, and an empress too enamored of Mannimarco's charms to recognize the knives he was driving into everyone else's backs. We were all fools. My only comfort now, is hearing Daedra scream as I electrify them. I can enjoy that."
What about taking the city back from Molag Bal? "Impossible without reinforcements, and I don't see any lining up. Do you? The great alliances have left us to die while they bumble about playing war. Pathetic. So far as I'm concerned, Molag Bal can take the lot of them—and he will. Soon enough."