Kynesgrove otherwise known as Kyne's Grove[1] is a simple settlement located outside Windhelm across the Yorgrim River named after the Goddess of Storms Kyne. The major resource of the village is Malachite and some farming.

  • Kynesgrove circa 2E 582
  • Kynesgrove circa 4E 201


Kynesgrove is located on a hill across the Yorgrim River from Windhelm. The majority of the village consists of at least one building that being the Braidwood Inn. Next to the Inn is the small farm and a camp of miners outside Steamscorch Mine. Despite the abundance of trees, the forest is remained intact because they're considered sacred to Kyne and shouldn't be hurt.


First EraEdit

During the First Era, the Nordic Hero Jorg Helmbolg slew the mighty dragon Sahloknir and buried the dragon southeast of the village on a hill[2].

Second EraEdit

During the Alliance War, the Keepers of the Grove were priest of Kyne that live in Kynesgrove. Before going to war, Nord soldiers would come and pray at Kynesgrove. The keepers however, became corrupted daedric priests when Kyne abandoned them. The Vestige came to Kynesgrove to restore the shrine and the priests back the way they were. At one point, the village of Kynesgrove has been razed by a single Bone Colossus[3].

Fourth EraEdit

By the time of the Skyrim Civil War, the Keepers of the Grove have abandoned the forest. Now the village houses an inn and a Malachite mine. At the time, dragons were being resurrected throughout Skyrim pillaging the countryside. Alduin the World-Eater resurrected the dragon Sahloknir to fight the Last Dragonborn and their Blades companion. The latter pair won the match.

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