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For this location in Online, see Kynesgrove (Online).

Kynesgrove is a small mining settlement located in Eastmarch. It is located directly south of Windhelm, half-way on the road between the Windhelm Stables and Witchmist Grove, and one-third of the distance to the Atronach Stone.


The settlement consists of an inn, a Malachite mine and several fields. The farm is owned by Ganna and Gemma Uriel, who failed to realize that only a small part of the land would be available for farming because the nearby grove is sacred to Kyne. They can often be heard arguing about the life they left behind in Cyrodiil.

Kjeld runs the mine and the whole settlement. Regardless of the Dragonborn's actions, a dragon will attack Kynesgrove as part of the main storyline, and city guards frequently mention their shock and disgust at the dragon attack. Next to the inn is a smelter and a mine containing many Malachite Ore veins.


A Blade in the DarkEdit

Delphine believes that dragons are coming back to life and the next one will resurrect near the town of Kynesgrove. Once the Dragonborn convinced her that they're Dragonborn by killing the dragon, she promises to explain who she is and what she wants with them.


Braidwood InnEdit

Steamscorch MineEdit



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