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Labyrinthian (Dovahzul: BROMJUNAaR) is an ancient Nordic ruin located in the region of Hjaalmarch, in the province of Skyrim. The Labyrinthian was formerly known as Bromjunaar, which was once the capital of Skyrim during the reign of the Dragon Cult.

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The Labyrinthian, formerly known as Bromjunaar, was once the capital of Skyrim during the height of power for the Dragon Cult. As a result, the Labyrinthian is perhaps the largest Nordic ruin in Tamriel. The ruins are enclosed within a mountain pass in the Nordic Hold of Hjaalmarch. The Northern Wall overlooks the rest of Hjaalmarch, with a view of the city-state of Morthal and the Drajkymr Marsh. The southern end is an isolated road leading to the grasslands in Whiterun Hold. The Labyrinthian holds various elements to the pass, as well as memorabilia to the Dragon Cult. The center of Labyrinthian is a traditional circular ruin called the Bromjunaar Sanctuary, which has a statue that can hold Dragon Priest Masks on display. The western portion of the ruins holds the inner ruins, which houses a lot of the ruin's infrastructure and natural caverns. The only way into the inner ruins is with the Torc of Labyrinthian, which is a prized artifact of the College of Winterhold. The Inner Sanctum of the Labyrinthian contains untold numbers of skeletal warriors and even a Skeletal Dragon. Deeper into the ruins are various Draugrs, ranging in power. The deepest part of the Labyrinthian is the Tribune, where Morokei the Deathless resides, as well as the Staff of Magnus. Eventually, the inner ruins end, leading to a cave to the outside.

The eastern portion of the ruins are called the Lost Valkygg which are not particularly noteworthy, though it was rumored to be the location of Kahvozein's Fang. A dagger that is sharp enough to carve individual Dragon Scales, making it a collectible among Dragon Priests. South of the Lost Valkygg is Shalidor's Maze, an extensive labyrinth that had given the Labyrinthian's namesake, as well as bringing it into modern-day myth. Shalidor's Maze can only be traversed by using the four out of the five schools of magic. Deep into the maze are several secrets such as Glamoril, which supposedly gives the consumer immortality, having belonged to Akatosh before being in the maze. Beyond all of that, there is nothing else to the Labyrinthian nor the former city-state of Bromjunaar. What is also noteworthy is that trading caravans tend to use the Labyrinthian to move between Morthal and Whiterun, though they tend to avoid not to be attacked by Frost Trolls.


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