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Labyrinthian (Quest)

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Labyrinthian (Quest)
Labyrinthian (Arena)
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Region Skyrim
Arena Main Quest
Fang Lair
Elden Grove
Halls of Colossus
Crystal Tower
Crypt of Hearts
Imperial Palace
Labyrinthian is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.




This vision will occur after you have gotten the first piece of the Staff of Chaos from Fang Lair in Hammerfell. Go to sleep and Ria will contact you again. Ria will inform you that the second piece of the staff is located at Labyrinthian in Skyrim.


Ask people about the labyrinthian and they will lead you to Winterhold's Mage's Guild. Once there they will be happy to help you locate the labyrinthian, however a knight has stolen a tablet which will help complete the map to the labyrinthian. The mages will show you the location of the Fortress of Ice which is located southwest of Winterhold.

Fortess of IceEdit

Once you have entered the Fortess of Ice follow the left wall, you'll see a blue square which will signfire the way down to the second floor. The table is in the northwest section of the second floor. Once you get to the room where the table is you will be given a riddle.


I touch your face,
I'm in your words,
I'm lack of space,
And beloved of birds...
What am I?

The answer is "Air" or "Wind".

Once you do the riddle the tablet will be laying on the floor, pick it up and take it back to the Mage's Guild in winterhold.


The Labyrinthian is a very large and very confusing maze filled with monsters. Follow the directions carefully:

  1. Once you enter the labyrinthian go though the middle cage
  2. Now go out of that door and go thought the first door
  3. Now go northeast until you see the blue dot on your map
  4. Go down to the second level
  5. You will need to go to the northeast corner of the second floor to find a Key in a cage locked with a riddle
  6. Answer the riddle with "nothing"
  7. Once this is done, a door behind the cage will open
  8. Grab the Diamond Key
  9. Go back up to the first floor and unlock the door
  10. Once that door is open go around to the next door which is also magically locked
  11. You will have to go through the middle door from step one
  12. Now go northwest and re-enter the second level to the Domain of Kanen
  13. Go southwest on the second floor
  14. The room will be similar to the one from step five, the key will be locked with a riddle
  15. The riddle answer is "hourglass"
  16. Get the sapphire key
  17. Now open the door on the first floor
  18. Go around the wall, there will be one more door to the left, locked with a riddle
  19. The answer to the riddle is "key"
  20. Collect the Second Staff piece

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