"I was sent by the Tribunal Temple in the town of Ebonheart. Disciple Sildras ordered me to bring the true religion to these heathen barbarians."
―Ladrasa Bethalas[src]

Ladrasa Bethalas is a Dunmer residing in Dhalmora, Bal Foyen.


She was sent by the Tribunal Temple in Ebonheart to Dhalmora in order to convert the inhabitants of the village to the Tribunal worship religion. The Vestige meets her there during their travels and can talk to Ladrasa about her goals and the Tribunal itself. She will ask if the Vestige has prayed to the Three already on that day, and when asked who are the Three, she will be shocked and hopes the Vestige is joking. She seems to think of the Argonians as barbaric and uncivilized.


  • "Have you said your devotions to the Three today?"
  • "I hope you're joking. They're the three members of the Tribunal: the living gods of Morrowind. Almalexia the Mother, Sotha Sil the Wizard, and Vivec the Poet."
  • "The Three are Elven in form. They feel the pleasures and pains of mortal flesh. Yet they are immortal, all-knowing, and immensely powerful. In the Akaviri War, Vivec flooded the battlefield and drowned the enemy. No mere mortal could do that."
  • "The Argonians, of course. Look around. Mud huts, spears, cave paintings -this is the pinnacle of their culture. Our people wasted centuries trying to civilize them. They're as stubborn as guar."
  • "They listen politely, ask questions, and go back to worshiping trees. I blame the shaman, Veth Veidal. They all call her "Mother." She poisons their minds with her pagan heresies."