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Lady Brisienna's Letter is a quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Receive Brisienna's Letter.
  2. Travel to the inn where she is staying within the time limit, (about a month).
  3. Speak with her.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After exiting Privateer's Hold, the player will receive a letter from Lady Magnessan (Brisienna) asking for a meeting. The letter should arrive within a few days of exiting, but could take a long as a month of game time. When it arrives, a pop-up notice to the effect that it has arrived appears and the letter will be in the inventory with a green background.

She will introduce herself as the Emperor's agent in the Bay Area and ask to be met at an inn somewhere in the Daggerfall province. Travel there and speak with her. She will then give you some background information on the situation in the Iliac Bay and point out the courts of Daggerfall, Wayrest and Sentinel. After finishing the conversation with her, the quest is marked complete.

Fail to arrive within the time prescribed in the first letter, and a second letter will arrive saying that she has extended her stay and still expects to have a meeting. There is an additional month in which to comply with her request. Failing that, a third letter will be dispatched, essentially saying that the Hero is on their own. The third letter takes about two weeks to arrive. If the player can manage to speak with her before that letter arrives, the quest will be completed. If not, they loses reputation with her and with the Emperor, and will be locked out of the Main Quest for all intents and purposes.


This is the only part of the Main Quest that starts automatically. All other quests require some action on the player's part to start their timers and may be done at one's convenience.

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